The San Diego Hip Hop 5K walk/run and festival launched in 2015 to encourage southeastern San Diego residents of all generations to commit to fitness, health and resource awareness. After the walk/run, a festival featuring Hip Hop artists and other performers provided a fun and entertaining cultural experience designed to inspire overall community well-being.

Since then, the San Diego Hip Hop 5K walk/run and festival was held in 2016 and welcomed increased attendance levels and vendor participation.


We are organizing our 3 rd Annual 3 mile walk/run through southeastern San Diego, inviting 2,000 people to participate with us this year as we march together through our neighborhood in a show of solidarity, health and innovative thought. This will help create a spark of creativity and forward thinking in the community. Check back for more details!

This race will benefit the Diamond Minds Initiative® in our community :

To create events and programs that stimulate growth, education and forward thinking in urban communities. Diamond Minds is committed to exposing neighborhood youth to a wide range of skills, disciplines and programs that aren’t normally available to them.

Skills and Programs such as:

CPR: Everyone should know the basics of CPR. This program will offer free and paid classes to people in the community. We will visit schools, nursing homes, places of worship and businesses. Once established our first goal will be to certify 2,000 people in Southeast San Diego in one year’s time!

Fitness: We are looking for sponsors to donate bikes and running shoes or running gear to the people of Southeast San Diego. The idea is to create a culture of health and fitness in our neighborhoods. We want to spark young minds and find people to compete in triathlons and events that they normally would not be exposed to.

Bartendaz: Utilizing the world renowned Bartendaz motto of ‘Health is Wealth’ and ‘Movement is Medicine,’ we want to create a pull-up and dip bar park in the neighborhood. The new chapter of Bartendaz here in San Diego will help us keep our youth from behind the wrong bars, by exposing them to the pull up bar!

Our Objectives:

We want to create small plays and shows to entertain and raise the spirits of our elderly and mentally ill neighbors.

Again, the goal of this 5K is to jump start the spirit of the neighborhood. We want to create a surge of energy and raise the vibration of the people. The success of each run helps us to complete the programs and initiatives that will keep our community moving in a positive direction. Beyond the Hip Hop element, we want to influence children in the ways of the mind as well, introducing them to science and sponsoring scholarship opportunities for math & science related camps and other programs.


This is a call to health, we want the whole neighborhood to come and represent for the community.

We take great pride in this event and hope that you can join us, this is what our community stands for, and it’s what will help us thrive in the future.