The Blue Heart Foundation

Non-profit number 46-3782821
Address 10824 Scripps Ranch Blvd San Diego CA
Contact Name  Tracy Morris
Phone Number  (619) 549-2202
Email theblueheartfoundation@gmail.com

By sponsoring our cause you can not only support your community for the race, but also help us continue our work of influencing our youth in the future! We thank you for your amazing partnership, be it large or small, together we can make a difference!

 View more information below about our different levels of sponsorship. You can also download our sponsorship letter.

 Please contact Dawud Hasan with questions or for additional information on sponsorships at: (619) 560-­1301 or send an email to dawud.tarleyb@gmail.com


* In Kind donations letter available upon request *

  • ●  Presenting sponsor will receive   top billing on all race promotional material. This will  include sponsor name and/or logo prominently placed on all race marketing materials,   website, Facebook page and media press releases.

     ●  Company name announced on PA system on race day as Presenter of the race!

     ●  Company Banner prominently placed at Starting line and at Finish line.  (banner provided by sponsor)

     ●  Name and logo displayed on back of event T­-shirt, at top and largest print (each runner/walker will receive a complimentary T­-Shirt)

     ●  Name and logo displayed prominently on website and on Facebook page; sponsor logo will be linked to sponsor website

     ●  Opportunity to speak on the main stage about your company/organization

     ●  Name and logo displayed in the highest position on race brochure and posters advertising the race  (if received prior to printing deadline)

     ●  Signage along course (banner to be provided by sponsor.)

     ●  Name and logo displayed on all race banners promoting the race

     ●  10 x 10 tent, one 8 ft table and 4 chairs on race day to promote your company  (sponsor to provide own signage/banner for tent)

     ●  Right to provide promotional items, coupons, etc. for give­away bags  8 race entries

     *Three presenting sponsorships available

  • ●  Sponsor logo prominently displayed on back of official event T­-shirt

     ●  Sponsor logo displayed on website and Facebook page; sponsor logo will be linked to   sponsor website

     ●  Sponsor logo displayed on race brochure and posters advertising the race (if received  prior to printing deadline)

     ●  Sponsor mention on PA announcements on race day

    –   8×8 canopy and tent, 1 4 ft table and 2 chairs to promote your company during health fair.

     ●   Right to provide promotional items, coupons, etc. for give­away bags

     ● 6 race entries

  • ●  Sponsor logo displayed on back of official event T-­shirt

    ●  Sponsor logo displayed on website

    ●  Sponsor logo displayed on race brochure and posters advertising the race (if received   prior to printing deadline)

    ●  Sponsor mention on PA announcements on race day

    ●  4 race entries

  • ●  Sponsor logo displayed on website

    ●  Sponsor logo displayed on race brochure and posters advertising the race (if received prior to printing deadline)

    ●  Sponsor logo displayed on sponsor board

    ●  Right to provide promotional items, coupons, etc. for give­away bags

    ●  3 race entries

  • ●  Sponsor logo displayed on website

    ●  Sponsor logo displayed on race brochure advertising the race (if received prior to printing deadline)

    ●  Sponsor logo displayed on sponsor board

    ●  Right to provide promotional items, coupons, etc. for give­away bags

    ●  2 race entries

  • ●  Sponsor logo displayed on website

    ●  Sponsor logo displayed on race brochure advertising the race (if received prior to printing deadline)

    ●  Sponsor logo displayed on sponsor board

    ●  Right to provide promotional items, coupons, etc. for give­away bags