The Health Festival

Celebrating Health from the Hip Hop perspective.

Immediately following the run, all runners and walkers are welcomed to our Health Festival held in local parks in each respected community.
The festival consists of the following:

1. Stage(s)
2. Artists/Performers
3. Award Ceremony 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finishers.
4. Jump houses
5. Climbing wall
6. Face Paint
7. Vendor Booths
8. Physical Activities like team tug of war obstacle courses, pull up push up challenges etc.
9. CPR first aid training
10. Massage
11. Yoga
12. Healthy Food
13. Juice Bar
14. Free Health Screening. Blood Pressure, Cholesterol etc.
15. Elder Appreciation Section (A section of the park where elders can go and be pampered) This section is staffed by the youth. This acts as a refortifying of the bridge in generations and the generation gap. This activity also brings back life to the hierarchy of family and lineage.
16. Farmers Market and much much more!!


The overall goal of the Hiphop5k is to create a surge of positive energy and forward thinking in the residents of southeastern San Diego. We accomplish this by demonstrating the wonders of physical activity, creativity and imagination with a combination of ART, FITNESS, CULTURE and PARTICIPATION.


Along the course, we have tons of amazing art to motivate your run and raise your spirit.  We use original art pieces that depict visions of a better and brighter future. Positive words and phrases posted throughout the course. By decorating the area with large paintings and other artful expressions of positive depictions of optimism, empowerment and development, the runner or walker will have the experience of traveling through an interactive art gallery.


We encourage the youngest and the oldest of people to participate. This is a direct call from the voice of Hiphop culture. The time is now for us to step up and help lead the way into a better way of living, as a lifestyle, for the world. We contest that we all can combat the numerous preventable illnesses that plague many Americans today: diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure and obesity.


Come out and invest in the health of your own self, your family, friends and neighbors!